What in the SQL?

So it has been a bit since my first post, lots of things going on in my life has slowed things down a bit. Between changing jobs and having to move to a new place quickly, the learning process has been slowed down a bit.

After my last post I sat down and started looking at all of the different coding languages to see what was out there and where I might start. After looking at so many web pages and listening to other people I decided to take a stab at learning SQL. Now I know what some people are asking, “What is SQL?”. I thought the same thing. SQL stands for Structured Query Language. This is a language that is used in databases to sort and find data. You would be very hard pressed to find a place that does not use this language.

I decided to learn SQL using a class from Stackskills.com called Learn Fundamental SQL. I had to download the Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and the SQL Management Studio before I could do anything. That process took about 2 hours, so don’t be in a rush. Start the download and grab a chimichanga or something.

I am only 4 classes into the course and so far it is not as bad as I had imagined it could be. There has been a few times when I had errors in the coding or getting the table to import. But taking my time and going back over what I had done so far allowed me to find what I had done wrong and fix it.

Well that’s it for now.  I will be back soon with another update on where I am in SQL.


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